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Wedding photography is, in its essence, a fine art that requires skills and an unspoken connection between the photographer and his or her subjects. This connection is the secret to a successful photoshoot that captures the pure, real emotions of memorable events in our lives. At You Me Photography, we do not like stiff poses and fake smiles - instead, to best tell the story of your wedding, we are there to capture all the moments and emotions just like they happen in real time. You Me Photography aims to provide images that boost authenticity, honesty and beauty.

“Anyone can master the technical aspects of photography, but it takes a real artist to create captivating snapshots that are not typical or boring. We are proud, humbled and thankful for our amazing clients and we aim to continually elevate the quality of the services we provide. We never impose our vision on our clients, but we seek to adapt our style to each of our clients’ situations to provide more than just a simple photograph. We want to capture images that have a meaning to you, that tell a story worth remembering for years to come.“ Julia Dragomir, director of photography

"We all know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and we agree. It is always a great honor for us to be part of your memorable day, and by capturing your most beautiful moments, we are your storytellers. It is part of our mission to capture beautiful and timeless images, just how your love should be. Love defines who we are and what we do and we aim to inspire couples each day to cultivate their unique affair that celebrates their personality as a couple." She added.

Our Mission

At You Me Photography, we work diligently each day to ensure you and your loved one are provided with an amazing, personalized experience and your love for each other is captured in high-quality photographs. We pay great attention to detail and aim to capture all the important moments, while also giving you room to just be yourself. We put great emphasis on capturing candid emotions that best describe how you feel during your grand event. This way, we ensure that we can provide you with snapshots that boast love. At You Me Photography we:

  • Listen to your requirements and offer a personal approach and attention to all details.
  • Open our hearts and minds to capture the pure, real emotions of our clients, while inspiring creativity.
  • Enjoy the feelings we get to experience with every couple’s special day.
  • Regardless of what you choose for your wedding, engagement or family portrait sessions, You Me Photography aims to capture genuine moments with creativity and artistry.
  • Value our clients, honesty, humbleness, and the trust we receive for being part of people’s memorable events.
  • We actively work with each of our clients to provide honest and unforgettable service, custom tailored to their vision and budget.

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