Authentic Romanian Wonders Photo Shoot

The landforms that surround Buzau, a south-eastern Romanian County, transform this place into a favorite destination for tourists. The area abounds in cultural endowments, monasteries and other historical places that speak about the Romanians’ glorious deeds and their interminable bloody fights against the barbarians’ oppression. The Carpathians are Romania’s most popular mountains. Their greatness resides in high peaks that caress the sky and in beautiful wide valleys or hills, the home of many animals and birds. You Me Photography invites you to explore these lands and feel their beauty. They guarantee high-quality photo shoots and a wonderful experience.

Rusetu is a rich village from Buzau and it hosts about 3700 inhabitants who live a simple but happy life. Their routine consists of many domestic activities. Winter is a good season to admire the simplicity of the country life. While working, the grandparents keep a vigilant eye on their grandsons that have gone sledding. You Me Photography is your kid’s game partner and immortalizes his gestures in the pictures!

In the evening, the children come back home and help their grandparents feed the animals. Then, they all go inside and nurse the fire anxiously. Grandpa has prepared his tale and grandma has made a delicious apple pie. The kids love Eric-Emanuel Schmitt’s tale ‘Oscar and The Lady in Pink’ and have taken their seats around the chimney. Beautiful portrait pictures are taken by Julia, Chicago's best portrait photographer. Every child will keep these moments in the sweetest room of his heart. And it will be all lived again years after when trying to recall the innocent childhood. You Me Photography helps you preserve the treasures of your soul and invigorates your albums with lively shoots!

Posted January 25th, 2016

by Julia Dragomir in Personal

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