Distinctive Private Property Chicago Wedding Day

     I know I’ve put this thought out there in the world before, but I will do it again here by saying I LOVE MY JOB and every single aspect of what being a wedding photographer implies and all the business aspect that comes with it. Mostly because it is so versatile…and trust me I get bored sooooo easily, but never in full wedding season! ;-)

I live a different experience every time, with every couple, from their amazing personalities, to their uniquely picked details, to their amazing love stories, to their venues and so on all of that giving so much inspiration in my work as wedding photographer.

And this couple here is no exception. Few months prior to their wedding, they purchased this house that was basically a full renovation journey, and before starting on any major changes, they decided that the place will be a unique venue to host their wedding celebration.

It was great to be a part of this wedding like any other our wedding photographer team get to capture, so we decided to be blogging about it before we get too busy with our 2017 wedding season that started already mid-March.

Please enjoy these images and get inspired by what might be a dream wedding day for potential brides out there!

Posted April 11th, 2017

by Julia Dragomir in Weddings

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