Chicago Grosse Point Lighthouse Engagement Photo Shoot

They say that rain brings good luck and fertility to your marriage. You Me Photography can add extra beauty to your photo shoots even when the weather does not cooperate. Grosse Point Lighthouse is an ideal place for your engagement session in every moment of the year. Your partner will be surprised by your proposal under the umbrella, even if you two had discussed marriage before. Only a few things can be more romantic than that in Chicago.

Evanston Art Center provides impeccable services and the wedding design is chosen by the clients. The place offers spectacular background where You Me Photography can take beautiful photo shoots for your engagement album.

Visiting the University means to redefine yourself. If you want your proposal to be special, surprise your fiancé-to-be with an engagement ring at Northwestern University Library. The building’s magnificence and the solemnity of the moment intermingle in wonderful photo shoots taken by You Me Photography, the best engagement photographer.

Posted July 24th, 2015

by Julia Dragomir in Engagements

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