Black and White Wedding Photo Shoot

Black and white is a contrasting combination which never fades nor does it become old-fashioned. Although they seem extremely simple, black and white offer a great variety of tones, always suitable for your wedding ceremony. When speaking about taking black and white photo shoots, You Me Photography, the best wedding photographer, leaves behind the other colors and focuses mostly on the people’s story or on their reactions.

Our professionals give life to your emotions in black and white photo shoots. Light, moment and composition define You Me Photography technique. The rest of it is imagination.

The black and white monochrome displays many shades of grey and green. The shoots are genuine and original. You Me Photography, the best wedding photographer, make your black-and-white wedding an incredible experience of luxury, good taste,  and emotion.

The Getting Ready

The Ceremony

Bride + Groom

The Reception

A First Dance

The Speech

Posted February 13th, 2015

by Julia Dragomir in Weddings

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