Chicago Elopement Day Photo Shoot

Every lover’s dream is to elope with the most beloved. All you have to do is to choose a romantic destination elopement and call You Me Photography to make the event unforgettable. Chicago is a very challenging city with beautiful venues, the perfect place for love. An elopement in Chicago is a real adventure that you certainly would like to immortalize in beautiful images. If Michael Jordan’s store on State Street is chosen as background, you’ll definitely enjoy an amazing experience and some wonderful photo shoots from You Me Photography, Chicago's best wedding photographer.

The luxuriant vegetation of the park and cosmic visions of Adler Planetarium at night are the perfect settings to feel happy and celebrate your love in Chicago. You Me Photography is there to share your happiness and capture awesome shoots. The lake, the parks and even the skyrocketing buildings are all part of a fairy tale story performed by two beautiful people that are now the symbol of happiness and joy. So, join You Me Photography and feel the thrill of an eloping experience in Chicago!

Posted October 06th, 2016

by Julia Dragomir in Weddings

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