Ukrainian Village Chicago Engagement Photo Shoot

Old traditions and modern spirit intertwine in the Ukrainian Village, a lovely neighborhood from Chicago. Ukrainian Village is charged with history, architecture and entertainment. The perfect place for awesome photo shoots taken by You Me Photography professionals who make from your engagement session, an unforgettable experience.

Endless respect is given to the traditions in the Ukrainian Village when speaking about the marriage of a young couple. They plan to build a solid home, to rear animals and have children. The parents of the groom had already gone to the bride’s home and proposed her. Having settled the agreement, they can start planning the wedding. The two lovers make some formal vows and seal their union in front of their families.

A long time ago, when saying ‘yes’, the fiancée gave a loaf of bread to her future husband. Nowadays, some steps are leaped over and formal expressions are left behind. The pumpkin- once the symbol of dismissal- is today the symbol of fertility and peace. You Me Photography is the best family portrait photographer and does not spare any photo shoot to make the best of your album.

Galleria Marchetti is the perfect place for a fairy-tale wedding. It delights the guests with luxurious decor and incredible culinary delicacies. More than 75 years of wine and food experience are placed at the guests’ service. You Me Photography is always there with you and catches all details in magic photo shoots.

Posted January 06th, 2016

by Julia Dragomir in Engagements

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