Alfred Caldwell Lilly Pool Engagement Photoshoot

You Me Photography realizes breathtaking engagement pictures, catching your emotions, laughter and all other details about background and organization that were carefully planned for your great moments.

The Armor House from Lake Forest reminds us of the sumptuous Medieval buildings and their everlasting irresistible charm. Perhaps this is why a young couple has chosen to do their wedding party here! This way they could feel like playing their part in a Medieval elegant musicale where noblemen, gentlemen and other categories of knights invited to dance the beautiful demoiselles and other courtesans.

You Me Photography can take a good shoot of your 250 guests partying in the Great Hall or in the Marble Room, two ideal places for large receptions and pompous festivities. The wedding herald is the engagement party from the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool or the Lincoln Park Lilly Pool, the fabulous architectural invention of the Prairie School. On the intensely colored canvas by the mid-September, love and joy intertwine with happiness and hope. The hope of a good life, peace and prosperity. Everything starts with a good shoot and these pictures will be the sweetest memories of your heart. Don’t hesitate to call the You Me Photography to catch the best shoot of your special moments!

Posted October 18th, 2016

by Julia Dragomir in Engagements

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