Orthodox Easter Photo Shoot

The year’s most important celebrations have the mission to get together our families. The house is dressed in magic clothes and the family prepare food for the Easter Day. They sing, laugh and spring jokes. Wonderful shoots are taken by You Me Photography who can become a part of your family and make your Easter party an unforgettable experience.

The table is filled with exquisite food always prepared at home by the family members. Romanian families always enjoy cooking traditional Easter meals: lamb preparations, ciorba (a soup with veggies and lamb pieces) and drob (lamb organs baked with lots of garlic and onion) sarmale ( minced meat enwrapped in cabbage) and cozonaci (cakes). You Me Photography’s beautiful pictures show your country and traditions to the world.

The stars of the Easter menu are dyed eggs. There is a whole story with religious implications behind this tradition. Beyond the religious beliefs, this practice has developed an extraordinary handicraft, widely patterned and multicolored. The wine must not miss and it is carefully chosen. The Bible says that red wine was drunk by Christ at The Last Supper and it symbolizes His dripping blood for us.

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Posted May 11th, 2016

by Julia Dragomir in Personal

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