Baby Birthday Chicago Photo Shoot

The family is our support and our hope. But, the birth of a baby is a blessing from God. Having passed a year, the parents want to immortalize this moment. The park is the perfect choice to organize a family session with You Me Photography, the best family portrait photographer.

The baby is put in a little basket that has been tied with colored balloons. Mother and father smile tenderly and hold her little hands. The baby girl does not understand what is this all about. But, she seems to enjoy it and she laughs happily when You Me Photography professional takes some good photo shoots. You Me Photography, the best family portrait photographer, is with your baby from the very first year!

The baby girl is the little princess from a fairytale. Everybody, baby and parents are very happy and they have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Another baby brother/sister is on its way. You Me Photography can be a part of your family and your best storyteller.

Posted June 23rd, 2015

by Julia Dragomir in Portrait Sessions

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