Private wedding vows renewal steps of Michigan Avenue Chicago

     Kyle reached out a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving weekend asking if we have any availability of capturing his and his wife’s vows renewal for their 4th wedding anniversary! With family in town and all the celebrations the beautiful holiday brings, I still couldn’t say no to him.

He had all this planned escape from Indianapolis to Chicago, as their lives got busier and hardly have the quiet time to spend by themselves, now with their two young kids.

He kept it secret from Seven, his wife, the fact that he was about to hire our wedding photography team to capture the beautiful moments and the dinner planning at the amazing Signature Room at the 95th floor of John Hancock building, here in Chicago.  

We started with a few portraits over at the Olive Park, next to Navy Pier, such photographed spot, and not only because of its convenient location, but mostly because of the incredible skyline views that this place never ceased to showcase us! Shortly after, their actual vows renewal happened, steps of Michigan Avenue, in this quaint spot, surrounded by the city lights!

I’ve been told that the atmosphere captured in these last images, seem to be surprised from a movie set, a romantic scene that the couple will cherish forever. I couldn’t agree more!

Posted February 02nd, 2018

by Julia Dragomir in Portrait Sessions

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