Downtown Chicago Engagement Photo Shoot

You should always stay positive and think happy, even if the odds may not seem to be in your favor. When planning your engagement session, the last thing you need is a rainy weather where everybody gets wet and the air is filled with vapors that hide the beauty of the city. Nevertheless, the rain makes the colors brighter. Chicago downtown appears like Paris, the city of romances and lights. The tall buildings, beautiful gardens and rivers are the perfect background for your proposal. You Me Photography can help you with planning the proposal and surprise your partner.

In the middle of the green trees and blossoming flowers, the sun threw shyly a few rays on the two lovers. The park and the skyline buildings became the symbols of happiness and beauty. Emotions, love and finesse are sealed in a magic photo shoot by You Me Photography, the best choice when speaking about photographing weddings.

The refined Hotel Allerton from the Warwick resort is situated in the core of Chicago. The classic style of the Jazz Age and the modernist improvements have turned the hotel in a sophisticated place enveloped in vaulted windows and theatrical balconies. The Magnificent Mile displays its splendid panorama while your guests are dancing on beautiful rhythms and tasting the most delicious culinary creations. Nothing to worry about photographing, as You Me Photography uses more than one camera in taking your priceless photo shoots.

Posted July 03rd, 2015

by Julia Dragomir in Engagements

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