Ravishing Downtown Chicago Engagement Session

     It’s been a while now since we’ve started this photography business journey of ours and we still can’t get enough of… And, if you were to ask me what do I like about this amazing job of mine -being a dedicated engagement and wedding photographer, is getting to know all the beautiful couples out there and have them become, at the end of their engagement session and wedding day, our true friends.

The engagement photo sessions are what allows us to know the couples more, to get to hear more about the proposal, how they’ve met, allows us to sip on a drink with them every now and then 😉, and make our wedding photography team part of the most beautiful times of their lives.

This is what happened for Aline and Nick’s engagement session this last week when we got the chance to know them better, to talk about them more, about how amazing Brazil is ( that’s where Aline is from ), about their soon to come wedding celebration over at Spiaggia Restaurant steps of Michigan Ave. here in Chicago, about what we all have in common as human beings and much more…

Here are some of the images captured by our wedding photography team, from golden hours to night time, from La Salle bridge, to Trump Terrace, to Chicago Theatre

Congratulations to the couple and looking forward to see you mid October of this year!

Posted September 19th, 2017

by Julia Dragomir in Engagements

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