Romantic, Spring time, Lincoln Park engagement session

Adam asked me to photograph his surprise proposal the day the Government decided that in Illinois we are allowed as photographers to shoot outdoors, wearing our mask and gloves, limiting to not more than 10 people and of course maintaining the social distancing. So, of course it was excitement, not being able to step outside the house for almost two months at the time, and not to mention how much did I really missed my job and all the emotions and satisfactions it brings me!

So, we captured the surprise proposal back in late April and I wanted them to have the opportunity to work together on capturing their engagement session too, while the trees were still blooming and the Spring season was in his fullest!

So, here are the images with their gorgeous tulips background and all the beautiful nature looks in Lincoln Park.

Congratulations Cathy and Adam and enjoy the whole process of wedding planning! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Posted June 01st, 2020

by Julia Dragomir in Engagements

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