Summer getaway on the beautiful island of Zakynthos, Greece

     It was another destination that we dreamed of and to make it possible to visit during summer time last year, it was a great achievement. Yes, we were in full wedding season here in Chicago, but as we planned to attend one of my best childhood friend’s wedding in Romania, we thought it will be a perfect occasion to visit the amazing island of Zakynthos in Greece, too.

So we booked our hotel thru a travel agency from Europe that was also able to help us book an amazing charter flight! So, instead of having the layover in Athens like if we were to book from Chicago, a charter gave us the opportunity to fly from Bucharest straight on the island and back 9 days later…

The hotel we stayed at was located in the mountains, far from all the noise and all the party atmosphere that the island has to offer, but if you rent a car, which I think you totally should, you will be able to be a part of all the beautiful locations the island has to offer, mountains and sea, beaches, nightlife, sightseeing and so on…

During our stay there, I’ve got to see some of the most picturesque beaches, Navagio is truly breathtaking, old Orthodox Churches, fields and fields of endless olive trees…

I know that is hard to stay away from either your phone or your camera during your travels, and I also know that we are always encouraged to be more present, but how can I ever regret capturing life happening?! With every picture I take, I get to relive these beautiful moments and have the chance to always "go back in time".

If interested in more specifics about our trip, feel free to always get in touch! Meanwhile, keep on traveling!

Sunset over at the hotel!
Downtown Zakynthos.

Parts of the island were we could have got lost for hours...discovering a new place, was always such a treat!

Navagio Beach and the beautiful, clear waters of Ionian Sea.

Tavern views.

Olive trees orchards.

Navagio Beach from the top. A must see!

Cameo Island.

Posted February 22nd, 2018

by Julia Dragomir in Personal

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