Superb, The Blackstone Hotel, Chicago Wedding Day

     We’ve met Mary and Dan back in the summer of 2017 when they came over at our studio to book our services for their wedding that took place almost two months ago over at The Blackstone Hotel, steps away from Michigan Avenue, here in Chicago.

Who would have ever thought that, with the “help” of Instagram live stories, 10 days after capturing their special day, we will all four be getting drinks in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence, totally not planning for it! So, yes, life is full of so many unpredictible moments and they are so memorable and beautiful...

Here are some of their wedding day images, photographed with such pleasure along the amazing vendors that we had the opportunity to work with, including Hannah Elizabeth Beauty, Bella Flora Flowers, the great staff from The Blackstone Hotel and many more.

CONGRATULATIONS Mary and Dan on your wedding day and looking forward to accidentally see each other again, somewhere, in a beautiful corner of this world! Glad to be sharing a few hours of your honeymoon together!

Posted September 04th, 2018

by Julia Dragomir in Weddings

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