Romania Journey Photo Shoot 2

More than one camera is needed to photograph awesome Romania. The rich tradition and good taste are synonymous with this wonderful country. The Romanian products are authentic and natural. Taste a good honey and drink a fresh elderberry juice and you’ll love it! Then, relax and enjoy the little things that make life beautiful. You should not waste any moment and trust your memories to You Me Photography, the best family portrait photographer!

Beautiful flowers, sweets and good books are interesting ways to spend the afternoons with your family. You can read a poem, taste some chocolate and enjoy the fresh air of the mountain while sitting in the garden on a shiny summer day. Your family will be more than happy. Be happy and live your life as if this is all there is. You Me Photography, the best family portrait photographer, is always with you and captures your priceless moments in magic photo shoots.

Live with intention and choose with no regrets while practicing wellness and listening hard. You must always laugh and have fun with your friends. Do what you love and let our You Me Photography, the best family portrait photographer make true art of your photo shoots!

Posted June 12th, 2015

by Julia Dragomir in Personal

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