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Through our lens, we capture the poetry in the little moments, the grace in every movement, and the love that binds two souls together. Your photos will tell a beautiful story of your love, preserving the magic of your wedding day for generations to come.

You Me Photography is backed by experienced and best photographers! Our goal is to create lasting memories by capturing the emotions of wedding couples and individuals.

If you’re looking for  Chicago’s best artists, we are a team of modern photographers, so please join us and let us create an enchanting visual tale of your love, a story that unfolds in every image, capturing the essence of your union!

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Want to make your wedding event a lifetime memorable? We at You Me Photography capture flawless moments of your special day using top-notch cameras. The credit goes to our Chicago wedding photographers who actually bring life to your wedding day with superb clicks. 

With our enduring photography skills, we convert your random wedding moments into alluring pictures and change your wedding reels into dramatic stories. Thankfully, we make it happen by offering reasonable wedding photography packages. Let’s book your wedding day with Julia today!

Looking for engagement photographers in Chicago? Look no further for photographers near me! You Me Photography offers everlasting engagement photography services to begin your love life with excitement and a smile on your face. Engagement is the beginning of a new chapter that everyone wants to make special and joyful. 

Want to know our engagement photography packages? Speak to our Chicago engagement photographers who can help you launch a life-like event with exceptional images. Furthermore, we offer the best engagement shots to allow couples to remember forever. These pictures make a difference and capture emotions that fit your budget.

If you’re looking for personality-oriented images and want to enhance your character using clicks, try our bespoke portrait photography services at pocket-friendly prices. We are your ultimate one-stop Chicago portrait photographers who put life into your wedding shots. Before we dive into a range of studio portrait photography, one thing is sure we never compromise with quality.

We are professional modern photographers who focus on lights, angles, and most importantly the equipment for capturing marriage portraits. Additionally, we cover children, couples, and family portraits with ease keeping in mind the quality of the pictures. Let’s book your event by connecting with Julia today!

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Not just a photographer, but an artist with a lens, a seeker of fleeting moments, and a curator of emotions. My approach to photography is an extension of my artistic philosophy. I strive to infuse my work with a distinct artistic flair, focusing on composition, light, and a careful curation of every frame. Each photograph is a canvas, and I paint it with the emotions and essence of the moment. I seek the poetry in the mundane, the beauty in imperfections, and the magic in authenticity. My photography journey is a perpetual learning process, an evolution that's deeply entwined with the incredible individuals I have had the privilege to photograph. Let's create something extraordinary, something that reflects your unique story and resonates with the artist in us all.

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Julia graduated from Chicago Photography Academy promotion of 2010 and had her first wedding shot in October, the same year.

Our dedicated Chicago wedding photographers are equipped with top-notch cameras and the expertise to bring life to your wedding day. They focus on capturing flawless moments, turning your wedding into a memorable story that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

We take pride in offering reasonable wedding photography packages tailored to your unique needs. These packages are designed to convert your random wedding moments into alluring pictures and dramatic stories, ensuring your wedding day is truly unforgettable.

You Me Photography specializes in everlasting engagement photography services, designed to start your love story with excitement and a smile. Our team of photographers near you is dedicated to making your engagement truly special and joyful.


Our Chicago engagement photographers offer exceptional images that capture the emotions of this unique chapter in your life. We offer engagement photography packages tailored to various budgets, allowing you to create memories that will last forever.

Engagement photos are a beautiful way to capture the emotions and connection between you and your partner at the beginning of your journey together. They serve as a lasting reminder of the joy and love you share, making them a cherished addition to your story.

At You Me Photography, we specialize in creating personality-oriented images that enhance your character. Our team of Chicago portrait photographers ensures your portraits come to life with top-notch equipment, lighting, and expert angles.

We offer a wide range of portrait photography, including individual, couple, family, and children’s portraits. Quality is our top priority, and we never compromise. Our modern photographers focus on every detail, ensuring you get the best results.

Booking our portrait photography services is simple! Connect with Julia, our dedicated photographer, to discuss your portrait session needs. We cover a variety of events, including weddings, children’s sessions, couples’ shoots, and family portraits. Contact Julia today to book your memorable event.

Booking our wedding photography services is really easy! Julia is our talented photographer who can guide you through the process. To book your wedding day and learn more about our services, simply get in touch with Julia today.

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Julia Dragomir Photography is a Chicago based Wedding and Engagement Photographer, serving locally and worldwide.

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