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Millenium Park Chicago Engagement Session

Millenium Park Chicago Engagement Session

Caitlin and Kyle’s engagement session in downtown Chicago was a beautiful journey filled with love, laughter, and a sense of anticipation for their future together. The magic of this city served as a perfect backdrop to their love story, and I feel truly privileged to be a part of their journey.

Caitlin and Kyle, an epitome of love and companionship, exuded an incredible energy during their engagement session. Their connection was palpable, and it was a genuine delight to be a part of this special chapter in their love story.

The city’s skyline was a perfect canvas to reflect the beauty of their love, and the magic unfolded at ENV Rooftop. As the sun set and painted the sky in hues of orange and pink, their laughter and joy filled the air, echoing the excitement of their upcoming union.

As their wedding day approaches, I am filled with excitement to witness the beginning of their new chapter at The Peninsula Hotel, capturing every moment that will tell their story of love and commitment. Cheers to Caitlin and Kyle, and to the beautiful adventures that await them!

I am eager and excited to capture the love and joy that will fill the air on their wedding day. The Peninsula Hotel is known for its grandeur and opulence, setting the stage for a celebration that will be as beautiful and unique as Caitlin and Kyle’s love for each other.


Julia Dragomir

Julia Dragomir



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