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River Roast Downtown Chicago Wedding Day

River Roast Downtown Chicago Wedding Day

The city of Chicago displays beautiful places all around, no matter what seat you have taken in River Roast, the perfect venue to invite your friends and have a party. If you want to get married, River Roast is always a good choice and a unique background for You Me Photography, the best wedding photographer.

You Me Photography has begun taking the good photo shoots for the big day. First, we enter the bride’s room and met Tamara and Lindsay who did her make-up and hair with professional tools from Tamara Make-up and Hair Artistry. Then, we admired and, of course, captured the bride’s bunch of flowers, beautifully colored by Ryan from StemLine Creative. Lots of women and agitation around the bride whose jewelry from David Yurman and Vera Wang Collection match perfectly with the Volle’s Bridal white-laced wedding dress.

At night, everything is prepared for the reception and the restaurant already adorned, is waiting for its guests. The table is professionally arranged with elegant dinner service. Exclusive chefs delight the guests’ senses with rich appetizers and beverages. West Town Bakery has prepared a fascinating wedding cake for the newlyweds and O’Dea Entertainment has sent Dj: Ed to warm up the atmosphere with his rhythmic music.

You Me Photography, the best wedding photographer, is always there and takes good photo shoots of your magic moments.


Julia Dragomir

Julia Dragomir



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