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The Blackstone Hotel Chicago Wedding Day

The Blackstone Hotel Chicago Wedding Day

Chicago, with its stunning architecture and rich history, sets a perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding. Maria and Adam, a couple deeply in love, chose the iconic Blackstone Hotel in Chicago to celebrate their union. This historic hotel served as the perfect canvas for their dream wedding, adorned with Maria’s amazing bridal details, the elegant bridal suite, and the breathtaking flowers and wedding gown.

Maria, a vision of grace and beauty, carefully curated her bridal ensemble, leaving everyone awe-inspired. Her gown, a masterpiece of delicate lace and flowing fabric, embraced her figure in all the right places, accentuating her beauty. The intricate lacework and the elegant train left a lasting impression on all who beheld her.

The jewelry she chose was exquisite, adding a touch of sparkle to her overall look. A stunning diamond necklace adorned her neck, complementing her radiant smile. The earrings she wore were equally elegant, twinkling softly with every step she took.

Maria’s bouquet, a work of art in itself, was a mix of white peonies, blush roses, and cascading greenery. It perfectly matched her gown and added a touch of romance to her ensemble. Each bloom was carefully chosen, reflecting her taste and personality.

The Blackstone Hotel’s bridal suite provided a luxurious and spacious haven for Maria as she prepared for her special day. The suite exuded elegance and sophistication, mirroring the grace and beauty of the bride-to-be.

The flowers adorning the venue were a reflection of Maria and Adam’s love story. The color palette of soft pinks, creams, and greens brought a sense of natural beauty and romance to the event. The floral arrangements were carefully crafted, creating an enchanting atmosphere for the guests.

Following the ceremony, Maria and Adam, along with their bridal party, ventured into the stunning Art Institute Gardens for their portraits. The lush greenery and blooming flowers provided a picturesque backdrop for these memorable moments.

The bride and groom portraits captured their love and happiness, showcasing the beautiful chemistry they shared. The gardens added a touch of nature’s elegance to their frames, creating timeless memories that they would cherish forever.

The bridal party portraits were equally enchanting, portraying the camaraderie and joy among friends and loved ones. The vibrant colors of the garden and the laughter of the bridal party added an element of liveliness to the portraits.

Maria and Adam’s wedding at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago was a celebration of love, elegance, and timeless beauty. It was a day where dreams came to life, and the couple began their journey into forever, surrounded by the love and beauty that embraced them at every step. The portraits at the Art Institute Gardens added an extra layer of magic to their already enchanting day. The Blackstone Hotel will forever hold a special place in their hearts as the backdrop to their magical beginning.

Julia Dragomir

Julia Dragomir



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